In math, 5A will be studying the Common Core Curriculum provided by the Go Math series that our district has adopted.  Your children studied using the Go Math series last year; fifth grade is a continuation of the curriculum.  The units in the series include:  all operations of decimals; all operations of whole numbers; all operations of fractions; beginning algebra; measurement; and geometry.  The students will also be taught how to problem solve using Singapore Math. This is a step by step method for solving word problems.  Timed tests, algebraic problems, ADD, and Common Core Review will also be part of math time.  The students will be taking the Kansas Math Assessment in the spring. 

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Science class this year will involve many investigations.  There are five main units of study:  structures and properties of matter; matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems; stars and the solar system; weather, climate, and water; and engineering and problem solving. 

We will begin our first unit on the brain and how it works.  The students will have some basic knowledge of the main parts of the brain and how we are able to recall events.  I feel that this is something that helps students learn ways to help them understand any new content in any area. 

The next longer unit will be on the topic of engineering.  We will work on simple and complex machines and the idea of finding speed of a moving object.  The students will be working on building a complex machine to solve a problem.  There is no state assessment in science this year. 


The student sin 5A will have many experiences writing creatively this year.  Along with studying how to write using the 6 trait writing model, students will be working on creative poetry and letter writing.  The new Common Core Writing Standards revolve around students completing persuasive, informative, and narrative short and long pieces.  The Grandletter Program will continue this year as students write 5 more letters to their grandparent or penpal.    The students will culminate the Grandletter project at the end of 5th grade with a reception for grandparents and penpals of each child.  Students will gather the letters they receive and copies of letters they write in a scrapbook to be a keepsake for their future.  As your children receive a letter from their grandparent or penpal, please send these to school as we will be placing them in a file to be put in a scrapbook in May. 

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